TDTM Meaning? How to Protect Your Kids from Harmful Sexting

What Is TDTM Meaning?

Thousands of parents search for the TDTM meaning and for most they really don’t understand this. Many believe it’s a modern word used in texting and while it is, it isn’t as innocent as it appears. Sending explicit text messages is actually very popular today but it isn’t just the adults who are guilty of such things, children and young adults are beginning to do this far more. Children unfortunately don’t understand the real harm that is done whilst sexting and parents are sometimes at a loss as to what to do about the situation. So, what does TDTM mean and how can you protect your children from sexting?

The Meaning of TDTM

Talk dirty to me. Yes, that is what TDTM means and while it can appear to be a bit of harmless fun, it’s quite serious. Children in no way should be using such words and in all honesty, they are children and are supposed to be enjoying themselves playing outdoors and doing regular kid things, not sexting. In a way, children aren’t children anymore; they are exposed to dangerous materials both online and on TV and it’s getting to a point where children are put in grave danger. Worst of all, many put them into a dangerous position because of sexting. The TDTM meaning should alert you to that and how your child could potentially be putting them at risk.

Get In The Know

If you want to protect your children from sexting then you need to understand what it entails. Now, many people, including parents, believing sexting is harmless because it isn’t a physical form but there are still dangers in that. Children, no matter their age, are at serious risk by sending explicit messages. It may start off as a simple text message but then it can carry on and progress further and the worst can happen. Would you like your child to receive an explicit text message? Of course not and your child should never send one. Who’s to say it isn’t an adult whom they’re message and they want to take advantage? Once you know the TDTM meaning and you spot it on your child’s phone, it’s take to take action!

Sit Down and Talk

It doesn’t matter if you have caught your kid sexting, believe they have done so in the past or have never done such a thing, it’s necessary to talk about these things. Hopefully your child will never send an explicit message or receive one but they could be tempted. Unfortunately children don’t always understand the risks which are why you have to sit down and talk to them. Don’t lecture them but explain things to them and what it could mean. You can tell them that the person they send the message to might be offended and that they may want to take advantage. Also, find out why they are doing this; is it because they think its fun or because they are asked to do it. What is the TDTM meaning? Ask them this and explain what it really means.

Opt For Parent Control Software

Parental control software is a great option to consider. You can download the software and keep track of what messages your children are sending. This is a good idea simply because you don’t know what you’re children are doing on their smart phones. Many might say they have never send an explicit message and would never do such things but we can’t be sure. There is just so much risk when someone starts sexting and you never know where it can lead to. TDTM sounds so meaningless when it stands as an acronym and don’t know what it stands for but the TDTM meaning is far from harmless. Parent control software is probably not what you would like to do personally but it’s such a wise move.

Get In The Know

Parents never want to think badly of their children and they do all they can to protect them but with advancing technology it’s hard to do that. Children are using their smart phones for a variety of reasons and you can’t always know if they are looking at porn websites or talking innocently to their friends. That is the risk and the harm of text messages and technology. Hopefully most children will understand there is a risk to sexting and will avoid it but you never know which is why you have to take appropriate steps to protect them. If you think you’re children are too good to consider sexting, think of the TDTM meaning and understand it can happen so do what you can to stop it.

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