Top 20 Cool Sounding Words

What cool sounding words do you know? Aren’t sure which words sound cool? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one a little confused as there are many who don’t know much about what sounds cool. The following are just twenty of the top cool sounding words to know.


Do you know what it means to be awestruck? If not, it means that a person can be totally amazed or bemused at a certain event. For instance, ‘John was awestruck by the magnitude of the firework display’. This is one great example of someone being awestruck and these are cool sounding words too.Checkout my latest article posted at


Everyone has heard of beauty but what of beautification? Well, this simply means that someone looks to beautify themselves through procedures. Some can go through a rigorous beauty regime or some can undergo surgery. Cool sounding words like this don’t come around very often but these are now modern words to adore.


Chrome is actually a shorter word for chromium which is a metal but it is so often used to describe a finish on a vehicle. Cool sounding words like chrome are talked about many aren’t really sure much about them. However, these are words which are utterly modern and so vastly used today.


Ashes are so often associated with death as these are the words spoken during burial but ashen is slightly different. It is what is left from something faded away and yes it is very much similar to ashes but ashen sounds far cooler! Cool sounding words like ashen can be far more appealing.


Crypts always have a fear factor associated with the words simply because we see old and very creepy crypts in scary horror movies. However, these are really a tomb and there is an element of mystery about them. Crypts are really weird places because they aren’t just associated with death, though most believe that is what they are used for. Cool sounding words like crypt make you think about what hides behind the tomb entrance.


This can mean a great force of an atomic blast. Most people associated atomic with bombs and in many instances they are correct. Atomic can mean a few things and it has an element of mysteriousness about it. Many films use these phrases to make them sound more appealing and cooler. Cool sounding words like atomic really shines through in the English language.


Someone can swear an oath. Now, when someone swears an oath they are basically making a promise and it is unwise to break one. Cool sounding words like oath might not mean much to most but it can be used in a variety of manners.


Cool sounding words such as fallen can have several meanings. Some can refer to a woman as being fallen and yet it can mean something a little different to when someone has tripped over in the street. You are going to see words mean different things in different situations which may seem strange but is so very important to understand.


When someone refers to oblivion it means they can forget something or someone. It can also mean an object has been destroyed and broke into many pieces which cannot be repaired. This does have several meanings which is why it’s one of the cool sounding words of today. Yes, many think it only means space and being destroyed into a thousand pieces but it’s far more complicated than that.



Cool sounding words like eon blows the mind. When someone refers to eons it really comes to down imagination and how far someone can think. For instance, people can say they haven’t seen one another for eons as they cannot remember how long it has been since their last meeting. This is really cool sounding and something which is vastly used today.


We aren’t talking about the chocolate bar but rather space. Have you thought about the galaxy and how endless it really is? Galaxies are cool sounding words as the mind boggles when you think about it. You can feel yourself flying through space visiting planets and vortexes and distance galaxies.


Cool sounding words don’t get any better than plasma. When you think of plasma you think of this very strange and cool unknown matter that is out there in space. However, it is found in the human body. Plasma is one of the most coolest words and it’s not one many are sure of.


Scarlet is not only a name but is also a fabric and is closely associated with the color red. Now, scarlet is a mysterious sounding name and for that reason, it’s one of the cool sounding words out there today. You have heard the phrase, a scarlet woman? Well, it can refer to a lady who is more friendly than she should be. These are older phrases and yet so easily used.


If you aren’t sure what Omni means it basically refers to everyone or all. Someone can believe they are omnipotence which means they think they have full power with no limitations. These are cool sounding words and many don’t really understand these phrases too much either.Get latest information straight from the original source.


Ok, so scars don’t sound very cool but if you think about the context in which they are used, they can sound very awesome. ‘The villain had a scar across his eye and made him look frightening’. Cool sounding words don’t just come in the form of words alone but the manner in which they are being used.


What do you think are cool sounding words? Shade is vastly used in today’s word but it isn’t just about shadows and darkness. Shade can refer to a person who tries to hide something, being shady, or who is trying to block light. Some refer this to an air of mystery too.


Darkness is followed by shadows and while this doesn’t sound very cool on its own, it can be combined with others to make cool sounding word. Shadow Heart for instance! Cool sounding words like shadows and combinations surrounding them can be very frightening!


When people think of steel, they think of this very tough metal that is impossible to break or move and yet it isn’t always the case. Steel presents strength but it can also mean weakness. ‘Steel is strong but the mind is stronger’, this is something that most say and in a sense it’s true. While steel can be strong, it isn’t always the strongest material either as the mind can be pretty strong too. Cool sounding words like this might not seem much but it’s quite cool depending on how you use it. Steel can refer to amour and a blade so it doesn’t just have one meaning.


There is no better and more cool sounding words than vortex. Now, what do you think it means? Not sure, well you aren’t alone as this is quite often used but many aren’t even sure what it actually means. So a vortex can be pretty much anything from a simple tornado as it swirls and creates this huge vortex and it’s unknown what it is to explore such things. You can have a vortex of flames too and it can be this unknown factor within space.


You’ve heard the phrase, to fill the void? Well, many people say this but it’s not a commonly known word. So, what does it mean? Well, nothing! A void is nothingness and people can feel a void in their lives. Some say a void within them feels like being empty and not being able to stamp this feeling out. Cool sounding words such as void really gets people thinking and it’s one that will get you thinking too.

Endless Words to Learn

The English language is vast and there are a million or more words that sound very strange indeed. Cool and unusual words can often get most confused and yet they are very simple indeed. Cool sounding words are fun to learn.

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