What Does IIGHT Mean? 

There are a hundred people asking each day what does IIGHT mean? If you are familiar with this phrase then you know exactly what it means but if not, it can seem like a difficult word to figure out. Of course, slang terms are used in many forms from everyday conversations to online and text messages. However, when it comes to understanding certain words, it’s hard to sometimes decode it. So, how good are you with slang terms and do you know what IIGHT means?

Understanding Slang Terms

In all honesty, slang terms are not too difficult to learn or understand. Most slang terms are very easy to understand and if you wanted to, you could use them in your text messages. This would certainly be a simpler way to use them and to get used to using them too. However, these words are really simple to understand, even IIGHT. In fact, this word isn’t new, it has been around for a great number of years now and yet, it is only recently in which people understand them. What does IIGHT mean? Do you understand? No, read on and you will find out the simple answer.

What Does IIGHT Mean?

I’m alright. I’m OK! Wondering what does IIGHT mean? It really stands for someone saying they are fine. For instance, ‘I’m alright, I was feeling sick but now I’m IIGHT.’ This may not be a phrase commonly used in face-to-face conversations but it is frequently used in text messages. However, throughout the US, IIGHT is more than just a word in the text message. Many people use this phrase in everyday conversations; it might not be the same throughout the world but in the States, it’s very common indeed.

How to Use IIGHT in A Text Message?

‘I’m IIGHT. C U Soon.’ This is one way in which you could use IIGHT in text message form. ‘Are you OK?’ If someone were to write and ask this, you could reply, ‘IIGHT.’ Simple as that. There are a hundred different ways in which you could use this phrase in a text message and they can all be right in a sense. If you want to say you’re fine or say something is OK, then IIGHT is the suitable word to use. When people ask, what does IIGHT mean you can now tell them!

Get In The Know With IIGHT

Slang terms can sound very confusing at times and it’s not hard to understand why that is. If you aren’t up to date with such terms then you can easily get a little lost as to what the words mean. Also, text message slang is different from everyday slang as everyone has their own little phrases and slang terms for certain items. That is why it’s good to learn what some of these phrases mean so that if you want to use them or someone uses them in a message you can understand them better. It would be a great idea and if someone asks you what does IIGHT mean you can tell them exactly what it stands for.

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