10 Most Popular Ghetto Slang Quotes

Many might not really think too much about adding ghetto slang quotes into their daily speech and yet it’s becoming vastly popular. There are now more people today talking slang than ever before and it’s not hard to see why. You have to keep up with the times and the following are just ten popular ghetto slang quotes that might interest you.

I Ain’t Mad Atcha

When someone has done something and they think you will believe they’ve done something wrong, they might say, I ain’t mad atcha. Now, this really means that person likes what you’re doing and they aren’t in fact mad at you. Ghetto slang quotes like this are said more so than ever before and it’s one which is popular.

Off The Chain

Ghetto slang quotes such as this have been very popular since the nineties, if not a little earlier, and it’s one still widely used today. Popular quotes like ‘off the chain’ aren’t too difficult to understand; it means something was amazingly great or an event was utterly fantastic. You can incorporate this into your vocabulary if you wanted to add more slang words.

Na Mean

Do you know what I mean? This is the simplest of slang and yet many still are a little confused as to what it actually means. Ghetto slang quotes such as this is very common and extremely popular also. Anyone can say this though if you don’t put your all into this then it can sound a little odd! Hopefully it’ll just roll right off the tongue.

It’s the 50!

Ghetto slang quotes such this, ‘it’s the 50’, are commonly used. This expression refers to police and for many this is what they say when they see the police. It’s a reference from a classic TV show and yet it has been around since then and for good reason. Quotes such as this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can be a good thing when used in the right setting.

I Want My Scrilla

I want my money. This is a very simple slang quote and it’s one any should learn within a few minutes. Ghetto slang quotes such as this are used almost on a daily basis and you can use it within any situation. Though, if you want to sound a little more polite, you could add a please into the sentence if you wish!

Peace out Man

Ghetto slang quotes do not get any easier than this. Peace out man refers to saying a simple goodbye! Yes, you did hear right and yet you probably didn’t give this a second thought. If you want to say a quick goodbye then you can say ‘peace out man’. This one quote that you’ll learn within seconds.

He’s a Playa

Women all over will have surely heard of a playa and this quote is one that keeps appearing worldwide. Ghetto slang quotes such as ‘he’s a playa’ tells the story of a man who is playing off different girls at one time, a playa. Most will have heard of this quote and it’s one which is vastly popular.

teens talking slang

My Peeps

The quotes refers to a group of people or a crew. Ghetto slang quotes such as these are highly used today and it’s one anyone can learn. You can use in any social situation, but just be sure you’re using it in the right manner.

My Bad

Ghetto slang quotes don’t get any simpler than this. My bad simply refers to a mistake and a person acknowledging that mistake. Anyone who wants to talk slang is best starting with this; it’s an easy phrase and one which most are already aware of. You don’t speak naturally so nothing to learn really.read related news at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/scotland-now/guide-still-game-slang-useful-8891529

I Ain’t the One

You might not really understand what this means; however, it’s very simple when you understand what it refers to. This is one of the most popular ghetto slang quotes and it’s certainly one that is widely confused. The quote basically refers to a person saying they are not the person to mess with. Now, it’s a very popular slang phrases and one that is used more so than ever before.

Are You Willing To Learn?

Slang is very much in use today and not limited to the US. Learning a few choice words could potentially be extremely useful and it’s something to give much thought over. Ghetto slang quotes like those above are popular and they can be used in daily life.


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