20 Most Commonly Used Slang Words

Commonly used slang words are highly regarded today. However, you wouldn’t think slang terms would be so popular and yet, millions use everyday slang words. The best thing of all, they are all so easy to understand and many are obvious once you get to know them a little. The following are twenty commonly used slang words to get to know: visit http://www.slanghub.com/best-english-to-slang-translator-tools-on-the-internet/


Surprisingly, wicked doesn’t mean what it used to as it can refer to something or someone as brilliant. Really! Now, this might not be what every person means when they say wicked, but most trendy people today actually mean something positive. Commonly used slang words such as this are highly popular throughout the US and increasingly popular in the UK too.


Commonly used slang words such as kudos doesn’t refer to a little space creature from a cartoon, but rather recognition, and, in some cases, respect. This isn’t widely known among the more mature generation, but it’s one slang word you should learn. Giving Kudos to someone when they achieve something is a great idea and they’ll appreciate too – whether or not they understand it!


To diss someone is to disrespect them or to show disrespect. This is probably a slang word you’ve heard and it’s one that’s becoming increasingly popular too. Have you ever been disrespectful to someone or talked about someone behind their back? If so, you may have dissed them. Commonly used slang words such as these are widely recognized.

Dig It

You’re not about to dig someone’s garden up or plant some new seeds but rather enjoying something. When you dig or dig it, you technically like whatever you’re talking about. Say for instance you’re talking to someone and they say what you think of my new dress, you can say you dig it meaning you like it. Commonly used slang words like these are very common and even though it probably originated in the late ‘60s or ‘70s it’s still very much around today.

A Piece Of Cake

Something been a piece of cake? Well then it’s easy! Were you able to pass your driving test without a stumble in the road? If so, it was a piece of cake. Commonly used slang words like this one is often associated with such things. It’s one slang phrase you’ll need in any English speaking country as it’s so very popular indeed. check our homepage for more details.

Bob’s Your Uncle

Again, commonly used slang words such as Bob’s your uncle basically refer to something being incredibly easy. For example you baked a cake and it turned out perfectly, you would say ‘Bob’s your uncle’ as it was so simple. This is a popular slang word throughout the UK and is stretching to the US too so if you’re in the UK, you might want to read up on this; though most will already know it.

There’s a Bit of a Do Going On

Having a party? You’re having a do! Another word for a party is a do and it’s one word which is widely used. Maybe this isn’t quite a new term for parties, but it’s still used throughout the UK. Commonly used slang words like this are loved by many and it’s not hard to understand why.


When you sell an item, you flog it. Flogging items online occurs daily and yet many aren’t too sure about the meaning of this word. Thousands still associate flogging with ancient meanings, but in modern times, it simply means selling goods. Commonly used slang words such as this is widely used in many circles.

He Thinks He’s The Bees Knees

More strange commonly used slang words and yet ‘bee’s knee’s’ remains a very popular word for many to use. So, what does it mean? Well, someone can believe themselves to be the bees knees or someone can think another is the bees knees which really means they think they’re amazing or great. You may have heard of this phrase before as it’s very common.


When you buy or sell something, you can be seen to haggle over the final price. Now, let’s say you wanted to sell your old car and a buyer wanted to purchase it for two thousand but you managed to get two and half thousand, you have haggled for an extra five hundred. This is a great tool and one which is widely used. Commonly used slang words like haggling is new, but the term has been around for many years now.

Going For a Kip

You probably have heard the expression ‘I’m going for a kip’? Well, if you have but weren’t aware what it really meant, it’s all very simple indeed. Someone intends to rest and have a little nap. Commonly used slang words such as this is very popular and there are many varieties too. You can have a snooze or go for forty winks!

Winding Up

When someone is making fun of another, they are technically winding them up. There are many who try to wind up people in order to spark a response from them but it can backfire badly on occasion. However, these phrases are commonly used slang words in the UK and US and throughout many English speaking countries too.


Have you been telling some porkies? If so, shame on you! Lying is bad no matter how small the lie is and it can so often be referred to as telling porkies. Telling pork pies is another common British slang phrase for lying. If you’re traveling to the UK soon, learning these commonly used slang words would be an advantage.


It’s been Donkey’s Years

A strange slang phrase to throw together and yet it makes perfect sense! When someone says to someone it’s been ‘donkey’s years’ it basically means they haven’t seen that person for quite a few years. Though, this isn’t such a refined wording, it’s one many use today. In the UK and US, commonly used slang words popularity is growing. Words like these will be widely seen for many years.


Commonly used slang words for goodbye have come and gone over the years and the one that seems to have stayed is cheerio. Cheerio is another way to say goodbye or see you soon. This isn’t one too difficult to remember and you’ll have heard most say this time and time again.

It’s Sorted

If there is a problem or a difficult situation and you find everything has been fixed for you, you could say it has been ‘sorted’. This is a common slang word and you can’t help but see why. Commonly used slang words such as these are often used as they can signal things are running smoothly again.

Easy Peasy

Children often use this phrase and yet many adults use it too. Easy peasy really means something is simple and easy to deal with. Children and adults use this on a daily basis and commonly used slang words such as this are heavily appreciated. You can’t see why more and more use these terms.

Go Off In a Strop!

Children and adults alike do this all the time, they go off in a big huff and are technically throwing a strop! Basically they aren’t happy at a situation and storm off away from people and be alone. Someone may feel angry or hurt and go off in a strop. Commonly used slang words are used all the time and adults are sometimes worse than children.

People Talking

Leg It!

Have you heard someone call out ‘leg it’? If so, you probably have seen that person run off and that is what leg it means. A lot of youths say this when they get into trouble and they see the long arm of the law nearby! Commonly used slang words like this are very popular with many and it’s one newish term that’s hitting the streets.


Ever heard the phrase zonked? Well, it’s one commonly used slang words that has been around for a while now and yet, many aren’t aware of what it means. When someone is zonked, they are exhausted. The next time you feel your eyes dropping and you can’t stay awake, you can say you’re zonked!

Slang’s the Word

Learning slang words might not be at the top of your list of priorities but why not? Many of these terms are used in this modern world and there is no escaping it really! Learn the commonly used slang words and become a part of the crowd.


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