How to Use Shizzle in a Sentence

How has heard of the phrase Shizzle? No-one well, you aren’t alone as this is a pretty recent new word hitting the message world. You might have heard someone saying shizzle before but do you know what it meant or why they were saying it?

Probably not but it isn’t too difficult to learn everything about this word. So, what is shizzle and how can you use it within a sentence?

How to Use Shizzle in a Sentence?

‘Oh shizzle I forgot my car keys’, ‘Shizzle, there is a lot of trouble on the road’, ‘Shizzle, there are far too many errands to run before work’, ‘Shizzle! I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning’! These are a few examples of how to use shizzle in a sentence.

Learning how to add shizzle into a sentence can be really easy. If you are a little angry or have forgotten to do something then adding shizzle into the sentence rather than a bad word can be much better.

Plus, if you don’t want the children to pick up bad words then you are best saying shizzle otherwise the kids will end up with potty mouths!

Slang Terms and How to Understand Them

If you are looking to learn new slang terms such as Shizzle then you may want to get yourself a slang dictionary. Now, there is no need to buy a dictionary as there are plenty of free options available online.

If you are interested in learning more about shizzle or other slang phrases then you should go online to a slang dictionary. There are a hundred different words you can learn and use them in place of some bad words. Also, shizzle is really a popular word so it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little more about it too.

A Kinder Word

Let’s be honest there are too many curse words out there in the world today and for most they don’t understand how rude it can be to curse in public. Also, have you ever noticed how stupid it sounds when someone curses?


There is no need and Shizzle is a nice alternative. Now, if you don’t think so, why not try it? Does Shizzle sound better than an expletive? Of course it does and it can be used in a wider circle. You have to remember that many are offended when someone curses, whether it’s at them or in their presence.

Finding an alternative word would be extremely useful and it can be used in a sentence without a lot of trouble either. Learning how to use shizzle in a sentence can be really simple.

Using Shizzle in A Sentence Can Be Simple

A modern world comes with modern words and whilst you might not be a huge fan of shizzle, it’s becoming vastly popular. This is a common word amongest many and it is a far politer word than its alternative.

Using this in an everyday sentence is simple and once you use it, after a few times, it’ll become second-nature to you. ‘Oh Shizzle, the dinner is late again!’

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