ICYMI Meaning On Twitter

What is the ICYMI meaning? If you use Twitter or other social networking sites then you probably are already familiar with this phrase; and millions do use it daily. However, for those who do not use any type of social networking sites, this word can seem a little strange. It isn’t one used in everyday conversations face-to-face unlike in text messages and emails and online posts. So, what does it mean?

ICYMI Meaning

You don’t know what ICYMI stands for or means, well it’s actually very easy when you think about it. ICYMI stands for in case you missed it! This means to inform someone of a story that has been out for a while but in which another person hasn’t heard before. It is a vastly common saying especially on social networking sites. Have you ever used Twitter? No, well if you were to post or read posts, you would see a lot of ICYMI out there; and it’s to help keep people informed! You are going to find this is a vastly used word online and now you know what it means; it’s all very easy indeed. Knowing the ICYMI meaning is really simple and it does make sense when you think about it.

Twitter Language Is Changing Daily

You know the ICYMI meaning and now it seems really simple but it probably wasn’t if you didn’t really know much about it. Unfortunately internet language has its own very unique style and so does social media. Twitter and other social networking sites all have different ways to speak and for many it’s hard to keep up with them. One minute one word is at the top of the chain and the next, it’s the latest and usually unusual word that gets people talking. If you are someone who uses the internet on a daily basis then maybe you want to get in the know and learn new words.

Using ICYMI                                                   

‘ICYMI Jessica is getting married!’ ‘Party’s on tonight ICYMI.’ These are examples of ICYMI meaning and its uses. Basically if you want to make sure everyone knows the news, whether they have heard it an hour ago or just now, you want to announce it. ICYMI is the word most people will add to their social networking posts so that it grabs the attention. Also, it makes the posts sound more interesting too. Using this is your Twitter posts shouldn’t be too difficult and it can be easily used no matter if you have important news or just want to announce you’re having a party.

 Be a Chatty Box on Twitter

Learning new social networking phrases can often be tricky especially if you don’t use the sites much. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting to grips with some of the crucial words. It might seem a little tiresome at first to learn the new phrases but in all honesty, it is pretty simple and straightforward. There aren’t a lot of things to learn and it’s just about first letters and making them sound fancier than they are! ICYMI meaning is easy to learn so don’t be afraid to learn more words.


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