MHM Use and Meaning

MHM, LOL and XOXO; these are all very popular text message words and yet many aren’t sure what they mean. It’s not hard to understand why many would get confused. People each day are making up new short-hand phrases to what they’re saying in order to make their messages shorter.

It takes a few seconds to type in a short-hand message rather than entire words and in today’s world; it’s all about saving time! However, what does MHM mean and how can you use it in a text message?

What Does MHM Mean?

The world has changed from ten or twenty years ago. Texting was happening a decade ago but the way in which people spoke was different. Language has evolved in recent years and it’s very strange indeed. MHM means to agree with someone and yet, if you said this phrase ten years ago, most wouldn’t understand what it meant.

It isn’t difficult to see why many are stuck in the past as it was far easier to understand text messages then. Today, it’s all about acronyms and it’s really confusing at times. However, if you understand some of the modern words for texting, then you can fit in.

How to Use MHM in A Sentence?

‘Would you like to get some lunch, John?’ If someone asked you this and you wanted to agree it was time to get something to eat, you could reply, ‘MHM, what about the café down the street?’ This would be all you needed to do, or if you wanted a short reply, just say, ‘MHM’, and you would be in agreement to go to lunch.

There is no difficulty in learning about MHM meanings or how to use them properly in a sentence as its super easy. You should try it out on a text message to a friend and see if they are updated with their modern language too!

How to Adapt To Modern Text Messages

MHM is only one modern phrase to learn, but there are hundreds others like them out there. So, how can you learn these phrases and adapt to them? Well, it’s time to crack out the online texting dictionary and get in the know!

If you wanted to learn modern text language text language then you should go online and find sites which tell you popular text message words cut into shorter things.

There are plenty of these sites and they can offer a lot of help whether you are trying to decode your children’s messages or your friends! Adapting to modern text message speech is a lot easier than you’d think.

Modern Words Have Evolved

Ten years ago, text messages were different. There were only a select few of short-handed words used in a text message but today, it’s extremely different to say the least. You have a hundred short-handed phrases and words for every one there was ten years ago.

If you aren’t updated with the latest words then why not? You are missing out and it is only going to get worse and let’s be honest who wants to decipher their own messages? MHM and other key phrases are easy to learn so get cracking!


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