What Does HMPH Mean?

What does HMPH mean? If you don’t know, don’t worry you aren’t alone and in all honesty, new-age words are getting most confused. Now, it isn’t so much that the words are new but the way they are presented.

For instance, HMPH means to agree with someone or something and yet many think this is an acronym and try to decipher it. Unfortunately words are complex and for many they don’t understand them all. Now you know what HMPH means, how can you use them?

Text Messaging and HMPH

If you want to learn how to use this phrase, it’s really simple; the following are a few examples of how to use HMPH in a text message. Someone can text you saying, ‘really annoyed today because John missing from class, he is so selfish,’ and you can reply, ‘HMPH.’ This means you are in agreement with what that person has said. Another example would be, ‘I think it’s time to get going for the bus,’ you’re reply could be, ‘HMPH’.

It is a lot easier to understand once you know how to use them correctly and it can be used in the same manner online too. Yes, the wording can be a lot different but the meaning is the same so just add HMPH when you agree with someone but can’t be bothered to go in a lot of detail. When someone asks you what does HMPH mean you can give them a simple answer.

Why Are More People Using Short-Handed Phrases

When you are writing a text message or an email or instant message, you have limited space to write in. This means you have to shortened the words wherever possible like L8T (meaning late) or LOL (meaning laugh out loud) and that is why there are more shortened words available. Also, you have to remember, you don’t want to spend an hour or more trying to read a message.


Text messages are supposed to be short, like instant messages and having a message that stretches a page is tiresome and puts a lot of people off. However, short-handed phrases are useful to keep messages simple. When you find out what does HMPH mean you can go ahead and use it in your messages also.

Get Used To Modern Words

Whether you enjoy phrases like HMPH or even understand then, you have to get used to them because they are here to stay. These are new words that are going to be around for a long time so if you don’t embrace them you’re going to get stuck in the past! Learning what does HMPH mean might seem boring but it is unfortunately necessary to keep yourself updated and modern! Modern phrases and words like HMPH will be around for generations to come!

HMPH and Conversation

If you think about it, HMPH is not such a crazy or stupid word to use. When you can’t be bothered to reply to someone you say, hmm… so if you can use that, you can use HMPH! You don’t have to learn much more and you will love how easy conversations can be. Learning what does HMPH mean can be very simple.

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