What Does HMU Mean?

HMU is an internet slang that means “Hit Me Up“. It is used while chatting over a personal message across various chatting sites. It is used in informal language and forms a part of text language.


HMU is used in cases where the person wants to stay in contact. While other short forms and acronyms are used specifically in the chatting domain, this phrase is used while speaking, in general. There are times when users wonder what does hmu mean, but it’s easy, the person wants to stay in contact to hang out or be together. It is used among friends and family as a signal or willingness to spend some time together. Hit Me Up can be used to convey a desire of catching up on things when the person on the other side is leaving for a vacation or having some other plans. It can be used when people find the daily routine monotonous and wish to get together. The acronym WYD or What are You Doing is similar in intentions to HMU as the person here to wants to make plans for hanging out.


HMU can be spelled in all lowercase as hmu. Both uppercase and lowercase versions mean the same thing, and you’re welcome to use either given the internet’s relative informality.

Situation 1:
Person 1: Hey! I am going to my aunt’s place for a fortnight-long vacation
Person 2: Great HMU on returning

Situation 2:
Person 1: Getting bored HMU if free
Person 2: Let’s meet up today evening.

Situation 3:

Daniel: I have two e-coupons for 20 percent off at Does anyone want one?
Tyler: I’ll take one! I could use a new shirt.
Daniel: OK, hmu with your email address so I can send it to you.


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