What Does MHU Mean?

What does MHU mean? This has become a question greatly asked online and it’s not hard to see why. Text message talk is becoming more advanced and little acronyms are being used more so than ever before. Unfortunately this is causing many to get a little confused as to what someone is trying to say. You might be in the same boat and there is nothing to be ashamed about; the mature and younger generation can clash but it isn’t just those in their seventies who don’t know what MHU means. Slang words are often used so it’s important to understand what they mean.

Hit Me Up

What does HMU means? Well, for those who have been searching it simply stands for hit me up! It’s simple really but of course most wouldn’t have thought it would have been as simple as that! However, it means someone has asked you for something such as to borrow money. ‘Katie hit me up again’, which really means Katie has asked for money again.

A New World

Have you ever thought about how you used to send a text message five or six years ago and how it is like today? The method remains the same but the manner in which we speak is quite different. For some, they are just starting out in the text messaging world and have stuck to basic key phrases but for many others, they are all so modern. There are a hundred or more different words that are short-hand and if you aren’t used to these words you don’t always know what they mean. This is the new world and what it stands for and whilst you might think many of the words sound strange, they are becoming a part of the messaging world. You can ask what does HMU mean but there will be a hundred more of these questions soon.

Getting To Grip with Modern Text Message Speak

If you have asked what does HMU mean then it’s time to get your thinking cap on and get back to school. Yes, you might think you don’t need to learn modern text message words but in all honesty you do as they are becoming more and more used. Very few people write messages without some form of short-hand like LOL or 2morrow L8TR and if you don’t know what they mean, you can easily get lost. Some young people are just the same and they are missing out. Also, it is far quicker to write a short-handed message rather than a long one!

Use the Web to Learn

You need a simple crash course on the latest text speak so it’s time to get online. There are plenty of resources to find and use that will help you decipher the latest words and it’s a wise idea to use them. This will allow you to find out what MHU means as well as learn a lot of modern text message words too. It won’t take a long time to do and once you know then you can start using them in your message and at the very least, you’ll understand what people are trying to say in their messages to you! Find out what does MHU mean and get to grips with learning!


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