What Does WYD Mean?

WYD means “What You Doing“. It is used in text messages; social networking hashtags. Though it is not very popular as a hashtag but is frequently used in text conversations and sometimes in emails.

It is an acronym and the most popular wyd meaning is what you doing. In oral communication, the term is not used in its abbreviation but the complete term is often used.

The acronym forms the beginning of the conversation. You can start a conversation by simply typing WYD. Though it is usually used at the inception, there is no head fast rule of it. The term can be placed in the middle of a conversation.

The intention can be to further on the topic or to divert the subject of conversation. Sometimes it can be as simple as a general query about the whereabouts. In case you are curious to use it and wonder what does wyd mean then the answer is simple. It is an open-ended term and can have many answers. However, it can never be the answer to a question. It is sometimes used to check as a courtesy whether it is a right time to talk or not.


Person 1: Hey WYD
Person 2: Nothing just watching old stuff on television


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