Word Finding Difficulties with Children

Word finding isn’t easy and there are many people, especially children who often struggle with this. The truth is many children know what they want to say but just can’t find the right words to fit and it’s causing a lot of problems. However, there are many ways to help children with word finding difficulties. What steps can you take to help solve difficulties with word finding for children?

Simple Word Exercises Can Jog the Brain

If you have noticed your children a little confused when they talk, it’s time to work with them. Learning new words at any time can be challenging and a lot of people struggle to string a sentence together that makes sense. Now, it isn’t that they aren’t willing to learn but sometimes, the brain doesn’t want to cooperate so you have to give it a little push.

There are plenty of word exercises that can be used to help a child find the right words. For instance, you can say a sentence such as, ‘today I will walk in the …’ hopefully the child will come up with an answer such as, ‘the park’ or ‘garden’. These are simple exercises that help the child think more. Word finding can be made much simpler with the right exercises.

Read To the Children

How often do you read to the children? If you don’t get a lot of time to sit and read with them then you need to start doing so. This is going to help the child unlock new words and it can be useful to correct word finding difficulties. Reading a book might not make a child understand or learn every new word but it can go a long way to ensuring they know more words. You could play games whilst reading so that they take a turn at reading and adding new words of their own.

Work With the Child to Solve Word Finding Problems


Kid’s word finding difficulties aren’t going to get any better unless you take action. Yes, it might be a phase they go through until they unlock their learning potential but it might not. That is why you have to do all you can to make sure the child has the best ability to fish for the right words.

Why not set up a little practice game with them? You say a word and they say a similar related word and see what they come up with. Little games such as this can get the child to think more about what they want to say and maybe you can help them fill in the gaps too.

Word Difficulties Are Hard to Solve Unless You’re Willing to Help the Child

Lots of adults know what they want to say and search their mind hoping to find the perfect words but never do; and with children it’s very much the same. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to overcome which is why parents have to be the supportive figure. Give the kids as much support as you can offer. Word finding difficulties can be solved and there are many avenues to explore also.

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