YWS Meaning? Sexting Slang Terms Explained

Do you know the YWS meaning? You aren’t alone if you don’t as there are millions who really don’t understand YWS. However, if you are someone who is sexting constantly then this is a phrase you have come across a hundred times over. You might think it’s an impossible word to decode but in reality, it’s so simple!

What Does YWS Mean?

You want sex? This is the YWS meaning. Sounds shocking to some but it’s a vastly commonly used word in sexting today! If you think about it, it makes perfect sense when two people are sexting one another but if you don’t know then it’s confusing. Text messages have become rather explicit in recent years and there have been a thousand new words created especially for such things.

However, many of the meanings are simple terms and yet, there are hundreds of words that thousands don’t know or understand. You could say to someone something explicit but if they use acronyms then you probably wouldn’t realize someone was sexting you! Slang terms such as YWS are fast becoming popular and there are many others that join them.

Simple Slang Terms with a Hidden Meaning

YPOM, YWS – they both seem innocent terms right but in sexting, they are very un-innocent! Your Place or Mine is a saying frequently used in sexting, as is You Want Sex and yet many remains unsure as to these meanings. You can be writing a simple text message to your partner or new partner and they can say YWS and you can think something very different to what they are. That is why slang terms need to be understood a little better. YWS meaning is an easy term to understand but if you don’t know it, it’s confusing!

Know Nothing about Sexting; Understand the Phrases So You Don’t Get Embarrassed

Whether you are someone who sends explicit text messages or otherwise, it’s still good to know what some slang terms mean. You don’t have to use them but at least if you know them, you understand what someone is saying to you when they send a massage. Now, there has been many who have received explicit message ‘in code’ and don’t really understand what half of it means.

That sounds a bit strange but it’s true and slang terms are often so easily confused. YWS meaning may seem simple now but it’s only because you know what is stands for but if you didn’t know before, you could come up with a hundred different suggestions! That is why you should learn the slang terms so that if someone should send an explicit message you know exactly what they mean!

Sexting Is a New Language

If you think about it, sexting has its own unique language. Yes, the words are words most people would have heard of but they change when they are shortened. If you weren’t aware of what these phrases meant then looking at them in short-hand form, such as YWS, you wouldn’t know what someone was talking about. YWS meaning is easy once you learn the slang term.


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